MSK Premium 2 Pack containing 4 keyring facemask and 2 keyring facemask pouches

MSK Premium Pack - Couples Pack

Our Premium Pack contains everything you need to end forgotten mask rage - and more!

This pack contains one for you & one for your nearest & dearest!


It's a powerful combo. Use the handy carabiner clips to easily attach the sleek MSK pouches to almost anything and switch with ease - so you can take comfort in knowing they're always there when you need them.


Inside you'll find our specially designed & fully adjustable MSK branded masks.

They are super soft on your face with silky, breathable fabric on the outside and lined with cotton on the inside to deliver ultimate comfort.


The Premium Pack also includes a second, additional mask for you each so you can wear one & wash one!



  • 4x Adjustable masks (Wear one, wash one!)
  • 2 x Keyring Pouches
  • 2 x Carabiner Clips
  • Free Delivery


Dimensions (each, when packed): 50mm x 50mm x 20mm

Mask Materials: Cotton 40%, Polyester 40%, Spandex 20%

  • Care Instructions

    Machine washable, ideally in a net bag to prevent ear strap tangles


Reviews and Comments

Keyring Keychain facemask mask


MSK Premium Pack

I’ve been struggling to wear a mask due to the reason of it feeling itchy, uncomfortable, and they do not fit me properly. This mask is soft, breathable, adjustable, it’s a dream! I now do not mind wearing a mask at all. THANK YOU for creating this product!

Keyring Keychain facemask mask


MSK Premium Pack

I’ve tried so many masks and this is by far the best! It’s adjustable, compact and sooo soft! The pouch is tiny and I haven’t been caught out by not having a mask since I bought this. Highly recommend!

Keyring Keychain facemask mask


MSK Premium Pack

The MSK has made my day on several occasions! I would have undoubtedly had to walk away from numerous shops, if I hadn’t had my MSK attached to my keys. It’s breathable and adjustable, which is an added bonus 😁

Keyring Keychain facemask mask


MSK Starter Pack

Such a fab product - how has no one thought of it already. Super handy and very comfortable to wear!