July 2020 - new facemask rules were introduced into the UK. After several "Ah Balls!" moments outside shops and cafes, two forgetful friends came together and MSK was born. 


After extensive searching - fuelled by many coffees and an undisclosed number of cinnamon buns, we realised there was a gap in the market for a facemask that you could never forget again. And what do you never leave the house without? Keys... So we thought a small keyring mask pouch could be the solution we were after. 


Once we had our idea, we needed to refine it! It's easy to see the huge environmental impact of disposable masks at the moment. Therefore it was key for us to source a facemask which would not only fit in the keyring pouch but also be reusable and washable.


Quality was another concern for us - we needed the masks to be super easy to get in and out of the keyring pouches but also wanted them to be high quality, and properly adjustable. We set ourselves a real challenge to tick all these boxes but think we have found the perfect solution with our super comfortable MSK masks. 

We essentially started off producing this product for ourselves. But the great feedback we had on the idea and initial sales spurred us on to spread the word further and wider. So what are you waiting for? Check out our keyring mask range today!


We really hope you love using your MSK keyring facemask as much as we've enjoyed making it!